About The Pet Cottage Sanctuary

Our Story

A Sanctuary for Pets Who Have Lost Their Humans

Hello, I am Wendy the Founder and Executive Director of The Pet Cottage, Inc. This is the story of how our sanctuary began.

My very dear friend Joan McCabe died March 11, 2012. Joan had three cats that she loved with all of her heart. Joan was an only child who never married or had children of her own. Her cats were her family, and she shared her love for them every day. When Joan got diagnosed with a serious illness the well-being of herself and her cats was important, she knew that eventually, she would not be able to care for them.

Fortunately, I was like a daughter to Joan and animal lover. So when living with her illness became more difficult, I began to care for her cats in her home. She was able to have them by her side until the last week when she could no longer live at home. One of the cats was 21 years old, deaf and had severe arthritis, so Joan made the decision to have him put to sleep and buried with her when she passed. After Joan’s passing, her other two cats came to live with me.

Joan not only loved and cared for her cat companions, she often assisted her friends and neighbors when they needed help to cover medical expenses for their pets. She also faithfully donated to many charities supporting animal welfare.

This non-for-profit charitable organization is an extension of the love that Joan showed her cats and the pets of others. I want to continue her legacy of love and kindness to all who need it.

Our Mission

The mission of The Pet Cottage is to provide guardianship for pets that have lost their human companions due to death, disability or military deployment in Palm Beach and surrounding counties.

Our Vision

Ensure all pets are treated as sentient beings and provided loving, caring homes for their entire life.

We’ve got big plans for The Pet Cottage and we’d love for you to be part of making the Sanctuary a reality. Click here to find out more!

Elsa & Joan

Joan’s beloved cat, Jeremy

Board Members

Jean B. Gutkin

Jean B. Gutkin

President & Secretary

Jean is a retired teacher. She is an active member of the Scholarship Committee for the Community Foundation of PB and Martin Counties, a donor to her late husband’s scholarship and a contributing member of a philanthropic group, Impact 100 the Palm Beaches and, most importantly, a strong advocate for animals. She is the happy companion to two Morkies.

Scott Martin, DVM, MS


Dr. Martin is the founder of the Animal Health Clinic located in Jupiter, Fl. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University School of Veterinary Medicine. He also holds a Master’s degree in bird breeding and reproduction from the University of California Davis. Dr. Martin has a special interest and talent for surgery.

Dr. Martin and his staff are always gracious and helpful to all the pets we bring their way. Evaluating their health, advising us, and performing whatever procedures they might need. We are grateful for their expertise and support.

Gail Cooper-Parks

Gail Cooper-Parks


Gail is currently the Navigator for the Women’s Health Program at Jupiter Medical Center. Her experience includes community outreach, development, and management of various programs providing support and care to patients. She has worked for Hospice and has a loving and tender heart. She is currently fostering two cats for The Pet Cottage and is committed to providing a resource for those who can no longer care for their pet because of death, disability or deployment.