Become a foster guardian


Our foster guardians are foundational to the success of The Pet Cottage. They offer pets love and comfort temporarily while waiting for the return of a deployed soldier, the recovery of a temporarily disabled companion, or until they are re-homed with their new family.

By becoming a foster guardian, you can help us re-home and provide sanctuary to more pets! At The Pet Cottage, we receive many more requests than we have space available. We therefore always need volunteers to foster pets for an indefinite period of time. Foster guardians provide a loving home, appropriate exercise and a trusting relationship allowing the pet to transition feeling secure.

The Pet Cottage provides veterinary care including vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventative monthly, flea/tick preventative, altering and other prescription medications for the pet. The foster family provides food, water, litter, and bedding.

What is a foster guardian?

Being a pet foster guardian, you provide a temporary home for an animal before being re-homed with a new family. The Pet Cottage takes in pets that have lost their humans and often that is a sudden experience. Fostering one of these pets is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to the long-term well-being of the pet that has been left. Dogs and cats are the most common pets needing foster homes, but sometimes we need fosters for ferrets, birds, or farm animals.

Why do pets need foster care?

There are several reasons:

  • The Pet Cottage needs time to have the pet medically evaluated, and have all its vaccinations up to date.
  • These pets need a sympathetic environment to soothe the huge transition they are experiencing and allow them to grieve.
  • The Pet Cottage takes the time to build a relationship with the pet so we can find the best connection for the pet and his/her new family.
Would I be a good foster guardian?

If you want to do something to help this unique population of pets, fostering can be a flexible, fun and rewarding experience.

Here’s why:

  • It’s more flexible than volunteer jobs that require you to show up at a certain time for a certain number of hours.
  • It’s a great way to enjoy a pet if you are not in a position to make that lifetime commitment right now.
  • Would you like to add a pet to your household, but you’re not sure? Fostering can be a great way to find out.
What skills are needed to be a foster guardian?

It’s best to have some knowledge about companion pet behavior and health. The Pet Cottage will provide training and ongoing support.

The pets coming to us have usually been cherished and cared for extremely well. We will share information about their previous lifestyle so we can help you help them settle in. This is also the time we can address any concerns or issues that might present a problem down the road.

Just by getting to know the animal, you’ll help us learn more about the pet’s personality helping to make the best placement possible.

What is a forever foster guardian?

A forever guardian provides a permanent home for a pet who would not do well because of medical reasons or age. The Pet Cottage supports the pet for the rest of its life. If the fit between Pet and foster family is good, becoming a Forever Foster Family is an option but not expected once the pet has been in the home for several weeks. The Pet Cottage reserves the right to approve or deny any request to become a Forever Foster Family.

What is the next step in becoming a foster guardian?

Complete and submit the online foster application.