Within only a few days, my customer’s cat was placed in a great home – a member of a business professional group that Wendy, myself and the foster all belong to. The cat has settled in well and should have a happy home life moving forward.


I wasn’t sure I was ready for full responsibility as a pet owner, but Wendy encouraged me to become a foster. Last October she found the perfect match…. two sweet cats named Simba and Smokey. Wendy was with me every step of the way: making sure I had all the supplies I needed, helping with vet visits, encouraging me, teaching me and being there to watch ” the boys” when I have to travel. Thanks to the Pet Cottage my home is not lonely anymore.


Without the pet cottage, we may have had to leave our current home due to gis barking in fear of strange noises in the condo building. In just 6 months our puppy was no longer scared and could socialize. We feel incredibly blessed to have found the pet cottage!


When my Gracie passed, I could not exist without a dog in my life. Wendy guided me with the process of getting new dogs, Sadie and Riley, both Morkies. Living in a condo had its challenges Wendy helped to train both dogs. My son moved in, and Wendy successfully found a foster home for his cats in a week. Wendy knows what she’s doing and cares about matching animals with their new pet-parents.


We just had a newborn baby girl and I didn’t know if we would have been able to keep our rescue dog. With the help from Wendy at The Pet Cottage, we learned how to be the best pet parents and helped Josie relax and trust us. I can’t begin to tell you how blessed we feel!


We needed to find a foster home for a sweet dog. Wendy stepped in and found the perfect foster mom. It felt so good to find a group of such loving and caring people right here in our area to bring peace of mind to anybody who may have difficulties taking care of their pet.


I travel for business, and a new pet for the kids meant the need for someone dependable to watch our pet. Wendy at the Pet Cottage took the worry and stress away from all the travel I face each year. She’s proven to be an amazing find for both our dog Bamboo and for us!


Thank you to the amazing team at The Pet Cottage. Adopting our new family member has been the best experience—better than we could have ever imagined.